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Business Continuity Management

“Lots of people talk about crisis management and business continuity, but [this] ... provides real, tangible details for crisis management planning ... a senior manager ... will find his guidance practical and – particularly should you ever need to use it – incredibly valuable.”
Joe Gleason
Director of Global Security and Operations, National Democratic Institute

Essentials of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

The will open your mind to the possibilities, the challenges, and the rewards of owning your own business and to provide the tools you will need to be successful if you choose the path of the entrepreneur. It is not an easy road to follow, but the rewards—both tangible and intangible—are well worth the risks. Not only may you be rewarded financially for your business ideas, but like entrepreneurs the world over, you will be able to work at something you love!

Foundations of Marketing

Foundations of Marketing has been designed to provide foundational concepts and best practices necessary to achieve financial performance and maintain positive relationships with key stakeholders.

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